Monday, 25 July 2011

Ram Dass interviews Thicht Nhat Hanh

I have just watched and listened to the simple words of my first teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh
I remember my pilgrimage to see 'Thay' when he was in Vietnam 5 years ago.
I have no idea why I was propelled to see him.
Was it 'my hurt little child'  that sought him out as my Zen Master suggested?

When I picked up that CD  in the city bookshop titled 'The Art of Mindful Living' by Thich, my life was changed. That is how I started on the Buddhist path.
How fortunate I was to happen upon the dhamma  that day.
Even though I have tried to stay within one form of Buddhist teaching I find myself moving in and out of groups. Tibetan, Zen, Engaged Buddhism, Theravada.

Dipa Ma would not approve. She says 'Stay with one meditation practice and stick with it.'
Yesterday I was able to easily incorporate Calm Abiding meditation into my usual practice.
So strange - When I picked the title for this blog I had no idea what 'calm abiding 'was.
The name just 'appeared 'to me. Now I find I am connected a form of meditation practice that  differs from my current Vipassana practice.

Calm Abiding Meditation Practice

"There are many stages in mental development, but as soon as we are able to maintain the mind in a calm state, at that very moment there is joy and peace. This is reflected in the body becoming relaxed, and then the mind becomes more relaxed. As the mind calms down, the hidden enlightened qualities emerge more and more."
—Venerable Khenpo Rinpoche

My heart is with all my teachers.
Each one has showed me an aspect of what I need to know.

You can find Thich Nhat Hanh  looking youthful in his 80's on his web page.
One day I could end up in Plum Village.

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