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Sealed in secret | Great Middle Way

Sealed in secret | Great Middle Way:

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Wandering in saṃsāra
is always suffering,
and it is extremely difficult
to meet the excellent Dharma,
so at this time when auspicious
connections have come
into alignment right now,
you must fulfill your
long-range aspirations.
Reflect again and again
on the abyss of the evil destinies
and the benefits of the pleasant destinies,
the defects of the intermediate state
and the benefits of liberation,
the defects of turmoil
and the benefits of solitude,
and strive to take things in hand.
With pure moral discipline
and unimpaired sacred commitments,
after practicing by turns listening,
reflection, and the cultivation
of meditation on a nectar-like
sublime Dharma such as this,
before long you will become
a king of Dharma.
After accumulating the assembly
of primordial awareness
during meditative equipoise,
and accumulating the assembly
of merit during post-meditation,
you will achieve the truth body
and perfectly benefit yourself,
and achieve the form bodies
and bring benefit to others.
The stains of the truth body will be cleansed
by the assembly of primordial awareness,
and the excellence of the form bodies will be produced
by the assembly of merit.
By the force of prayer,
the enlightened actions
to benefit others will be vast,
effortless, and spontaneous.
The absolute sublime lamp
that removes the darkness
of unknowing has permanently
entered your heart,
my fortunate child,
and you must make the experience
of the primordial awareness
of blissful emptiness blaze!
This is sealed in secret
from those who are not receptive.
maṅgalaṃ bhavantu śubhaṃ
An instruction by the monk Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen Palzangpo

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