Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hexagram - Li - Fire over Fire

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I am an experienced follower of the I CHING or book of changes.
My much used book is dated 1978 and cost $16:20.
Inside the front cover are some faded pressed flowers that are brittle and dry.
I remember that they were picked with great love from the hills of Black Springs near Beechworth in north-eastern Victoria.

I used the hexagrams as pointers to my deeper consciousness. Consulting the book from time to time I have never put it away or dismissed its wisdom entirely over the past 33 years.
The same three coins with the Yin and Yang sides still nestle in their original small brown velvet pouch.

I have changed more than this book of changes.
Once a youthful flower child who roamed the beautiful granite hills.
My mind was wild then.
Now it is quite tame.
Quite still.
Stopped  altogether sometimes .
Just blue sky.
A cloud or two.
And the sound of a bird singing.

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