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2nd Contemplation: A Precious Human Birth | Great Middle Way

2nd Contemplation: A Precious Human Birth | Great Middle Way:
By Tashi Nyima in 'The Great Middle Way'

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I am now free of the eight unfavorable states:
birth as a hell being, a hungry ghost,
an animal, a demigod, or a god[1];
grossly wrong views[2];
an unsuitable location for the practice of the Dharma;
and defective sensual and mental functions.

I am now endowed with the ten necessary conditions.
The five inner endowments:
a human birth in a central location,
proper sensual and mental functions,
uncorrupted karma[3], and faith in the Three Jewels;

And the five outer endowments:
the Buddha has appeared and taught the Dharma,
the Lord’s teachings survive,
the Dharma has countless followers,
and many support the teachings.

A human life such as I have now obtained
will be extremely difficult to achieve in the future.
I will not waste it in meaningless pursuits.
I must use it in service to the Dharma.

[1] These are states of unimaginable suffering, constant hankering, stupidity, aggressive jealousy, and indolence.
[2] The grossly wrong views are (1) denying the law of karma, (2) despising the Three Jewels, and (3) denying rebirth.
[3] Uncorrupted karma consists of (1) not being intimately related to those who oppose the Dharma, and (2) not deriving one’s sustenance from unsuitable occupations, such as hunting and prostitution.
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